INSEAD Global Luxury Forum 2024: shaping the future of luxury in Geneva

The INSEAD Global Luxury Forum 2024, a prestigious event bringing together industry leaders and academics, will be held on June 19 at the Mandarin Oriental in Geneva. Organized in partnership with the INSEAD Alumni Association in Switzerland, this forum will offer enriching discussions and networking opportunities around luxury innovations and trends.


On June 19, Geneva will host a prestigious gathering of industry leaders and academics at the INSEAD Global Luxury Forum at the Mandarin Oriental.


This exclusive event, organized in collaboration with the INSEAD Alumni Association in Switzerland and the EHL Graduate School, promises enlightening discussions and networking opportunities in one of Europe’s iconic luxury venues.


The central theme of the event will revolve around the pursuit of innovation in response to current macro-trends and evolving consumer expectations.


From 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm, renowned experts from leading luxury brands and consultancies will share their insights, focusing on strategies for adapting and thriving in an ever-changing landscape.


The professional program will be followed by a unique networking opportunity over a cocktail reception, from 7:30pm to 10:00pm.


Focus on luxury goods and watchmaking


Following an introduction by event organizers Philippe Mauron (President INSEAD NAA Switzerland) and Odile Astréoud (INSEAD MBA 2015), Mathilde Haemmerlé, partner at Bain & Company and luxury practice leader, will present exclusive insights from Bain’s in-depth analysis of the global luxury market. Attendees can expect a comprehensive overview of market trends, segmented analysis and future prospects.


This will be followed by a special session dedicated to Swiss watchmaking, paying tribute to its heritage deeply rooted in the culture of Geneva.


Industry icon Jean-Claude Biver, former President of LVMH’s Watch Division and current President of Hublot, will explore the past, present and future of Swiss watchmaking alongside Felipe Monteiro, Affiliate Professor of Strategy at INSEAD.


Redefining the customer experience


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Featured photo : © Mandarin Oriental

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