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In France, despite the health crisis, prestige real estate is doing well

In France, despite the health crisis, prestige real estate is doing well

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According to Belles Demeures, the portal of the SeLoger group specialized in the prestige segment, buyers are still coming despite the pandemic.


Despite the pandemic, inflation, the energy crisis and geopolitical turmoil, the luxury real estate market is holding up well. Buyers, looking for a privileged environment, are betting on houses, much more than on apartments, according to a study by Belles Demeures. Ignoring the pitfalls, luxury real estate continues the good momentum it had already started before Covid, and maintains its attractiveness in all corners of the country.


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In fact, prices in the luxury segment rose by 1.9% between June 2021 and June 2022, according to the latest barometer of the Belles Demeures portal. Buyers, like sellers, are still confident in the future, with 76% of would-be buyers believing that their project will be completed in the coming year. This rate even reaches 85% among sellers of luxury properties. The notion of a safe haven is more relevant than ever: 79% of sellers and 68% of buyers surveyed by Belles Demeures consider it a safe investment.


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