Hermès to open a new leather goods factory in Loupes in 2026

Hermès announces the opening of its new leather goods factory in Loupes in 2026. This project, carried out in collaboration with the local authorities, strengthens the roots of the luxury House in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The Loupes leatherworks will showcase Hermès’ craftsmanship and environmental commitments.


Hermès, the prestigious French luxury House, has announced the opening of its 25th production site in France in 2026, at Loupes, near Bordeaux.


This site will be the second manufacture in Gironde after the Guyenne factory in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, and the sixth in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.


The Loupes leatherworks will be home to 260 craftsmen trained in the techniques of excellence through the École Hermès des savoir-faire.


“Hermès is thus reinforcing its role as a corporate citizen, creating quality jobs and reaffirming its commitment to sustainable growth in France’s regions,” said the company in a press release.


Passing on know-how


At the École Hermès des savoir-faire, an apprentice training center (CFA) accredited by the French Ministry of Education and due to be deployed in 2023, Hermès craftsmen train students in the techniques of excellence in leather goods.


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Featured photo : © Hermes

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