Groupe Barrière: Dominique Desseigne’s children pave the way for the 5th generation

Joy and Alexandre Barrière, Dominique Desseigne’s children, took over the Lucien Barrière Group in April 2023. Their objective: to prepare the company “for the fifth generation”. The new leaders are emphasizing proximity to employees, targeted internationalization in the Middle East and digital transformation.


After an eventful transition, Joy and Alexandre Barrière, representatives of the family’s fourth generation, are beginning a new chapter at Groupe Lucien Barrière, France’s leading casino operator, founded in 1912. Their goal: to prepare the company “for the fifth generation”.


In April 2023, Joy and Alexandre Barrière took over the reins of the Lucien Barrière Group, succeeding their 79-year-old father Dominique Desseigne, husband of Diane Barrière, the group’s heiress who died in 2001. This transition was preceded by a family battle that has been publicized in the media in recent months. The duo finally acquired all the group’s shares this summer.


“What we want is to follow in the footsteps of the three generations of entrepreneurs and builders who preceded us, and to be worthy of them, especially our mother. And to ensure that the group continues to exist for the fifth generation, and that it finds its way back to growth,” explains Alexandre Barrière, 36.


Keeping in touch with the field


The group, with sales of 1.3 billion euros, encompasses 32 casinos, 19 luxury hotels and over 150 restaurants and bars, including Fouquet’s on the Champs-Elysées.


Since their appointment, the new directors have been visiting the Group’s sites on a regular basis, meeting with the nearly 7,000 employees.


“One of the areas we feel strongly about is staying close to the ground,” says Joy Desseigne-Barrière, 33, who began her career in London before joining the group, where she began with an “immersion” at the La Rochelle casino.


“We may have a different role within the company, but we haven’t changed and we don’t want our close relationship to change,” insists her brother.


Going international and digital


Among their priorities, the internationalization of the group occupies pride of place. Focusing on “quality over quantity”, they plan to step up their presence in the Middle East, where the group is already present with establishments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, notably via Fouquet’s brasseries.


“Anecdotally, Tom Cruise stayed an extra day because he absolutely had to eat the hamburgers at Fouquet’s in Abu Dhabi,” says Alexandre Barrière.


In addition, digital is at the heart of their strategy, with the test launch of an app “that allows customers to enter a casino, follow the news and pay”, explains Joy, who specializes in data.


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Featured photo : ©Casino Barrière

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