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France’s 500 largest fortunes pass the 1000-billion-euro mark

France’s 500 largest fortunes pass the 1000-billion-euro mark

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Challenges magazine revealed yesterday, Wednesday July 6th, that the total wealth of the 500 largest French fortunes has passed the symbolic milestone of 1,000 billion euros in 2022.


If the complete ranking of these 500 French billionaires and multimillionaires will be published today, Challenges has nevertheless made several revelations concerning the top of the Top 500. Indeed, the cumulated professional assets of these French entrepreneurs have increased by 5% in one year to reach the sum of 1000 billion euros.


Big names behind French luxury houses dominate the ranking


At the head of this ranking since 2017, we find the boss of the world leader in luxury goods, LVMH, namely Bernard Arnault. Second richest man in the world behind Elon Musk (according to Forbes), his fortune is estimated at 149 billion euros in 2022.


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