France : Transport Minister considers restrictions on private jets

The Minister for Transport, Clément Beaune, wants to regulate private jet flights and is preparing to make proposals at the beginning of the autumn, during government discussions on the “sobriety plan”.


In France, restrictions on the use of private jets may be introduced after the French Minister for Transport launched the idea of new regulations at European level.


Indeed, Transport & Environment, a European NGO, estimates that a one-hour flight in a private jet can emit about a quarter of the annual emissions of an average European, writes Ben Gemen of Axios.


“I think we need to act and regulate private jet flights. This is becoming the symbol of a two-speed effort,” said Clément Beaune in Le Parisien on Saturday 20 August.


“Without falling into demagogy or ad hominem, there are a certain number of behaviours that no longer pass (…) There are reasons of urgency, economic imperatives, but it cannot be a mode of individual comfort travel, while the general mobilization committed by the president requires that everyone makes efforts,” he adds.


According to the daily, Clément Beaune is studying several possibilities ranging from incentives to regulations, or even taxation. It would be a question of an obligation for companies to make public their private air travel, but also of a regulation framing the use of jets when there is a rail alternative or commercial flights.


It would build on the ban on air travel to destinations accessible by train in less than 2.5 hours in the Climate and Resilience Act.


Further details are expected to emerge from these discussions in the autumn.




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