Printemps : a new store in the heart of Manhattan

Printemps has announced the opening of a new department store in New York. This is the first time that the famous luxury brand has set up shop in the Big Apple.


Crossing borders and conquering America? This is Printemps’ new project. The department store will be located in One Wall Street, a historic 50-story building in the heart of New York’s financial district. It will occupy 5,000 m2 at the foot of the building, on two levels, and will have 105 meters of windows.


From Haussmann to Manhattan


150 years ago, the first Printemps store opened on Boulevard Haussmann. At that time, the neighborhood was undergoing a major transformation. For this new american interior, the group has also chosen an iconic address in the Financial District. A dynamic, increasingly residential neighborhood and one of the city’s most important tourist destinations, welcoming local and international tourists.



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Featured photo : © Printemps

The editorial team
The editorial team
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