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Fashion: with the Vertical collection, Chloé thinks big (and green)

Fashion: with the Vertical collection, Chloé thinks big (and green)

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This is a first in the fashion industry. For its latest spring-summer 2023 collection, the House of Chloe unveils Vertical, combining digital, traceability, QR code and second hand. We tell you all about this new collection.


Chloé has decided to set the bar high with its new innovative project, positioning sustainable fashion and circularity at the center of its commitments.


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This new concept, created in collaboration with EON, a provider of innovative customer solutions, and Vestiaire Collective, the high-end second-hand sales platform, challenges the codes of fashion. Called the digital ID, it consists in placing a QR code on different products (bags, shoes and clothes) from the Vertical collection, which gives buyers access to a number of services and information.


To start, simply scan the QR code with your smartphone to trace the journey of the different pieces of the collection from the factory to the store. This label also provides access to a certificate of ownership, which facilitates direct resale on the second-hand platform Vestiaire Collective. This is a great asset for fashionistas and customers interested in vintage items, whose authenticity is often difficult to prove. The QR code also gives access to detailed information on the care and repair of the products.


Some looks from the spring-summer 2023 collection


To take it a step further, this association between the luxury goods resale platform and the House of Chloe allows you to directly receive the resale price, even before you have found a potential buyer. There are also other possibilities. The seller will be able to convert their sale into a Vestiaire Co voucher or make a donation to UNICEF to support gender equality.



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Featured photo : ©Chloé

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