Equinoxes 5 : The Camille Fournet House honors the artist Lucien Murat

Camille Fournet presents Equinoxes 5 on September 28 in its store at 5 rue Cambon. The exhibition will feature the artist Lucien Murat as well as the new collection of bags and accessories of the House, entitled ”Mobility”.


The Equinoxes project was born from the minds of Jean-Luc and Françoise Déchery, who have been at the head of the Camille Fournet house since 1994. Their ambitions are to put forward artists, to give them a platform to discover their work and to show it to the world. Every six months, a different artist is honored in the store on rue Cambon… with the support of the house Camille Fournet.


For this fifth edition of Equinoxes, the artist Lucien Murat will be the star. A 35-year-old artist working primarily with leather, but also with plaster and sand, Lucien was chosen by the Camille Fournet house for the quality of his works, defined as the search for a new dialogue between the eye and the materials, and mixing an inspiration drawn from early video games and Japanese fiction.


Women also play an important role in his work, and he works to put forward a strong and combative form of femininity, which he pushes to its limits in order to confront men with the absurdity of representations of masculinity.


The establishment of a benevolent relationship with Françoise Déchery, but also common values such as the love of the know-how were the reasons which pushed Lucien Murat to launch out in the adventure of the project Équinoxes. For the two instigators of the project, the meeting with L.Murat was a real coup de coeur, and this collaboration is the fruit of a mutual interest between similar visions and approaches. “At each edition, we like to discover in the store a singular work, without comparison with the previous one. This is the enrichment of these artistic encounters,” says Jean-Luc Déchery.


The opening of the Équinoxes 5 exhibition will take place on September 28 in the store at 5 rue Cambon. The exhibition will continue until March 28, 2022.




Featured photo : © Kinuko Asano

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