Discover the winners of Gainerie 91 design awards

Gainerie 91, the French leader in luxury packaging, has just rewarded 4 winners at the end of its Design Competition organized for the 8th consecutive year. The opportunity for design students to promote an innovative and creative project. “When packaging tells a story” was the theme of this 2021 edition.


Gainerie 91 is the leading manufacturer of cases and displays for the most famous wine and spirits, watch and jewelry houses since 1967.


Every year for the last 8 years, the company has organized a design competition, allowing students from French design schools to show their talent. And for the second year, a public prize is also awarded. It took place on September 16 in the Pont Neuf garden in Paris.


Every year for the past 8 years, the company has organized its competition, allowing students from French design schools to benefit from a real springboard to enter the world of luxury packaging. This is the case, for example, of Jeanne Guiraut, a former student at ESAAT, winner of the 2020 edition of the competition, who has now joined the Richemont Group as Client Innov. Project Management Intern: “This competition allowed me to develop my skills and to put them to good use in a project“, she said. she said.


And for the second year in a row, a public prize was also awarded at the Pont Neuf gardens in Paris during the ceremony that took place on September 16.


This year’s jury members included Alexandra Lefebvre, group leader for uniform POS development at Cartier, Guillaume Lehoux, designer and co-founder of Studio Noir Vif, and Brigitte Charpentier, head of development at Pernod Ricard.



Galets de Papier – Guillaume Brissot


For this 2021 edition, the participants were invited to create a packaging or a POS that had to translate the commitment of a brand and offer a real new experience for the user. The goal? To create a unique and surprising moment allowing a brand to intensify the emotional bond between the user and its object.


This year’s winner is Guillaume Brissot, from the Ecole de Condé in Lyon, for the project “Galets de papiers“. His idea was to design a white box which, when opened, reveals a protective pattern. A surprise that the brand reserves for its customer, a small attention that appears at the moment when the perfume really becomes that of the customer and enters his life. This first prize allowed Guillaume Brissot to win a check of 2500 € (or, at his choice, an Asus Pro Art PC). He will also benefit from the production of his project and a one-year follow-up.


Cathelle Dénoue and Romane Gaultier won the second prize of the contest, a check for 1500 € (or a choice of an EAMES Plywood Group DCW chair) for the project : “Kabuki“.


On his side, Benoît Charrière, 3rd Prize, left with a check of 1000€ (or a 3D resin printer + refill) thanks to his project: “Message in a bottle“.


The Public Prize was awarded to Raphaël Coustre-Mianne, from the Ecole d’architecture de la ville & des territoires Paris-Est in Torcy, for his project “Parchevin“, which is materialized by the assembly of strips of rigid cork, bound by the external leather and this in order to give to the cork all its nobility, while evoking the universe of oenology. He won a check of 800€ (or a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud).



Parchevin – Raphaël Coustre-Mianne






Featured photo : © Gainerie91


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