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Discover the winners of the Design de Gainerie 91 competition

Discover the winners of the Design de Gainerie 91 competition

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Gainerie 91, the French leader in luxury packaging, has just rewarded five winners at the end of its Design Competition organised for the 9th consecutive year. The 2022 edition of the competition offered design students the opportunity to develop an innovative and creative project around the theme of “Les Bibelots du Luxe”.


The 9th edition of the design competition invited young participants to design and imagine small, innovative and creative gift objects, which make the luxury sector special.


This year’s jury members included Guillaume Henrio, Senior Purchasing Manager at Van Cleef & Arpels, Leonardo Malizia, Finance Director – Gems at Tech Group, Alissa Demorest, Editorial Director at Formes de Luxe and Sophie Mérut, Visual Merchandising Project Manager at Fred.


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© Gainerie 91


This year’s winner is Arthur Viviant, from the École et Lycée des Métiers d’Art et du Design Auguste Renoir, for the project “Petit Cheval”, which reinvents the game “les petits chevaux”. 


His project takes the form of a playful and nomadic trinket in the shape of a small horse, which accompanies its owner indoors and outdoors to occupy his leisure time. This first prize enabled Arthur Viviant to win a cheque for €2,500 (or a Brompton Superlight M6 compact folding bike).



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Featured photo : © Gainerie 91

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