Discover the Purosangue, the first SUV from Ferrari

Ferrari unveiled yesterday its first SUV, a model that was still missing in its range of vehicles.


After its closest competitors such as Lamborghini with the Urus, the Italian manufacturer Ferrari is also entering the race with its new SUV. Unsurprisingly, the Purosangue takes up the latest design codes of the brand. But it remains relatively low for an SUV, with a height of 1.59 meters, 4.97 m long and 2.03 m wide.


While Ferrari has released several 4-seater cars in its history, the Purosangue asserts itself as the brand’s first 4-door model. It has antagonistic doors (or with reversed openings) “to facilitate access to the rear while preserving the compact aspect” explains the Ferrari press release.


It also has a 473-liter trunk, a record volume for a Ferrari and a very important point for a vehicle that wants to be a family.



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Design and power


At first glance, you can recognize the design language of the Ferrari Roma and 296. The Italian SUV does not have a front grille, which is replaced by a black lacquered bead that houses the camera and the sensors for the driving aids.


The front lighting is two-stage, a very fashionable configuration, and the low and high beams are discreetly housed on either side of the large air vent that occupies the bumper. The aerodynamics have been subtly studied to reduce fuel consumption and air noise as much as possible while ensuring optimal cooling.


The vehicle, which is meant to be a family car, is still very sporty. Under the hood is the iconic 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine with 725 horsepower, a record for the class. The 0 to 100 km/h is announced in 3.3 seconds and the 0 to 200 km/h in 10.6 seconds, for a maximum speed announced at more than 310 km/h.


The base price of the Purosangue is set at €390,000. Ferrari is betting big on this model but wants to keep the feeling of exclusivity by not exceeding 20% of its annual vehicle deliveries.


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Featured photo : © Ferrari


Hélène Cougot
Hélène Cougot
Passionate about art and fashion, Hélène went to a fashion design school: the Atelier Chardon-Savard. She then completed her training with an MBA in Marketing at ISG. She has written for the magazine Do it in Paris and specializes in writing articles about luxury, art and fashion for Luxus +.

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