[CHRONICLE] Chinese cities that luxury brands are snapping up: Shenzhen (Part 1/3)

After Shanghai and Beijing, the focus of retail network consolidation is now on new cities for new luxury consumers. A real rediscovery of the territory is taking place. Starting with China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen.


The city of Shenzhen has it all. It’s home to international headquarters and production sites for the world’s leading technology companies, and many billionaires have made it their home. It is even central to the Chinese government’s development plans.


Even though it is one of the Mega Tier-1 cities, along with Beijing and Shanghai, it has long been relegated to second place behind them. Now, the goal is clear: to make Shenzhen a center of international consumption by 2025.


Anaïs Bournonville, founder of the Reverse Group, an international agency specializing in marketing and strategy for China, takes us on a journey to the heart of the new habits observed in the Middle Kingdom.


Dior, Chanel and Gucci’s passion for Shenzhen


In recent months, Shenzhen has seen an increasing number
of events by luxury brands. The Dior fashion show, the Chanel cruise show and Gucci‘s Summer Stories pop-up store (the only one of its kind in Asia) have all chosen Shenzhen as their preferred venue. And the impact was immediate.


The revival of the Dior Fall 2023 show was held at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen. The installation, entitled “Valkyrie Miss Dior”, in collaboration with artist Joana Vasconcelos, amazed guests with its interplay of colors and shapes. Broadcast live on Chinese live streaming platforms, it generated 52 million live views. The hashtag linked to the event generated 180 million views on the Weibo social network.


Dior Valkyrie Show  © Dior


Shenzhen is becoming the place to be for all re-editions. Chanel’s Cruise collection, which was unveiled in Los Angeles, was re-edited in the Chinese city.


For this show in China, all the House’s ambassadors were present, including international ambassadors. Marion Cotillard, Whitney Peak and Caroline de Maigret were there, alongside Zhou Xun, Wang Yibo and Liu Wen. A blend of fashion and the seventh art in the heart of the Bay Sports Center, which seduced the city of all innovations.


The multiplication of luxury events in the city has brought Gucci closer to local consumers. A strategy favored by Gucci, which decided to install its unique “Summer Stories” pop-up in China, and more precisely in Shenzhen. The pop-up was set up outdoors, in the heart of the courtyard of The MixC department store, the center of luxury consumption.


From fishing village to Chinese Silicon Valley


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Featured Photo: © Darmau/Unsplash

Picture of Anais Bournonville
Anais Bournonville
Anaïs Bournonville is the founder of Reverse Group, the global agency specializing in marketing and strategy for China. She explores Chinese culture and consumer trends through the prism of design, fashion, and luxury. She puts her on-the-ground insights and social listening in China at the service of Luxus+.

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