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China: towards a relaxation of the anti-covid policy?

China: towards a relaxation of the anti-covid policy?

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Faced with alarming economic statistics and the rebellion of a part of the population, China could relax its anti-covid measures.


The Chinese population is becoming less and less supportive of the strict policy against Covid-19. In Guangzhou, in southern China, residents clashed with law enforcement officials after the announcement of an extended lockdown. Since an outbreak in October, some of the country’s 18 million inhabitants have been subject to travel restrictions.


Although demonstrations are very rare in the country, social networks nevertheless relay scenes of exasperation from the population in the face of the authorities’ inflexible health policy. Inhabitants find themselves confined as soon as a few cases appear, and are subjected to travel restrictions and sometimes almost daily PCR tests.

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Featured photo : © Pascal Sittler/ REA

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