Caviar Model Excellence 24K : Luxury according to Tesla

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While Tesla used to sell more or less high-end sedans at prices between €30,000 and €90,000, these prices are nothing compared to the new Tesla Model S. The Caviar Model Excellence 24K, a Tesla Model S embellished with gold, was born in the midst of the many sedans in Tesla’s garage, with only 99 units produced and a price tag of $300,000.


The company behind this choice Tesla specializes in ultra-high-end customization, so this new Tesla is not for everyone, both because of its high price and because of its design set in gold in several places, which cannot please everyone.


Based on a Tesla Model S Plaid +, Caviar has not made any technical changes to the sedan. Apart from the front grille, which used to be solid and is now just a grille, the Caviar Model Excellence 24K remains the same car. But what justifies the exorbitant price tag of $300,000 (about €250,000) are the 24-carat gold accents in several places on the car and in its interior. From the wheel rims to the front of the car and the steering wheel, Caviar is covered in gold, making the name all the more inspiring.


Less than 100 units


In theory, only 99 of these luxury versions of the Tesla Model S will be produced worldwide. The standard version is not yet officially on the market, so you’ll have to be patient. However, the company has high ambitions for its creation, as it confirms in a press release: “Imagine yourself behind the wheel of this petrol-coloured car with dazzling flashes of gold […] You are not just driving the car of the future. If you think heads will turn after you drive by, with a look of admiration, you’re not wrong. The Caviar Model Excellence 24K was made for exactly that.





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