Bugatti and Asprey unveil ornamental egg collection

French luxury automaker Bugatti and British jewelry house Asprey introduced their new collab yesterday: a collection of ornamental eggs, available as both physical art and NFT. With refined design and craftsmanship, the pieces are directly inspired by the creative work of the automaker’s father and brother.


“The perfect, purest form in nature is the egg”. These were the words of Carlo Bugatti, the father of Ettore Bugatti, founder of the Bugatti luxury car brand. And they obviously didn’t stay in the air.


After a first collab in 2022, Bugatti and Asprey have come together again to create a limited edition collection of ornamental eggs. A nice way to pay tribute to the Italian designer’s passion for curved and flowing shapes, like those of the egg.



These are made using Asprey Studio’s cutting-edge techniques and materials and are powered by the blockchain ecosystem. The Asprey Bugatti ornamental egg collection will be available both as a physical art object and as an NFT generative artwork.


This will be the first ever collection initiated by two luxury brands to use the cutting-edge technique of inscribing digital content on the Bitcoin blockchain, which guarantees the absolute permanence of the artwork.


“Ettore Bugatti believed in a certain aesthetic of engineering, making every component of his vehicles a work of art. He saw the world through the eyes of an artist, drawing inspiration from the creative work of his family members, including his father and brother”, said Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of Bugatti International. “We still carry on these values today at Bugatti and work closely with our partners, such as Asprey, to create art objects that are true to our founder’s vision.”




Made of carbon fiber, the shell of this work of art is crafted with “artisanal know-how,” Bugatti says in a statement. It is adorned with a sterling silver mesh topped with diamonds. The curved base evokes movement and refers to Asprey’s heritage and jewelry tradition, as well as to Carlo Bugatti’s ornate furniture and Art Nouveau, a defining era for both houses.



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Featured photo : © Bugatti


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