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Brexit: Bentley secures its supplies

Brexit: Bentley secures its supplies

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On Wednesday, December 2, luxury carmaker Bentley announced that it had reserved five Antonov cargo aircraft to continue sourcing for Brexit. In view of the uncertainty of future trade relations between Great Britain and the European Union, Bentley has indeed preferred to secure its supply networks.


While Westminster and Brussels are negotiating the legal conditions for Britain’s exit from the EU, the time is ripe at Bentley. Adrian Hallmark, the company’s CEO, said that Bentley has spent “two years planning” and has “five Antonovs in reserve to transport the bodies to Manchester”


In addition, the car manufacturer has increased the level of spare parts stocked for production. “We used to operate on a just-in-time basis with a two-day stock. Now we have a 14-day stock. That’s 14 working days, so that’s three weeks of stock”, said Adrian Hallmark.

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