Boucheron celebrates the 20th anniversary of its iconic Quatre ring

Boucheron has just celebrated the anniversary of its Quatre ring, a jewellery icon created in 2004 that has become a line in its own right. To mark the occasion, the leading jeweler on Place Vendôme opened a pop-up store in Paris on February 27, right in the middle of Fashion Week, and is looking forward to further festivities in Asia this summer.

It’s not every day you turn 20!


The song may have taken on a few wrinkles, but the Quatre collection is still at the height of its desirability. This jewelry line, launched by Boucheron in 2004 with a ring featuring four interlocking rings, shines for its modernity and pioneering character.


Uniqueness and timelessness

A symbol of strength and protection, Quatre already offered a ring with an urban, gender-neutral design. “You can’t create an icon, it’s forged over time, it imposes itself because it resonates with society: an icon isn’t designed to be one, it’s the customers who decide,” recalls Boucheron CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne.

But Quatre is also about unusual encounters: three mixed golds (white, yellow and pink) and a chocolate-colored synthetic material (PVD). Quatre has also been declined in a Black Edition, where white gold blends perfectly with intense black PVD, a design even more in line with the tastes of Generation Z, fond of silver, minimalism and superimpositions. Since then, the ring has undergone numerous variations.


© Boucheron Quatre classique large ring


Beyond the interplay of materials, the ring’s various motifs, a veritable visual primer on the history of Paris, are both striking and memorable. The Grosgrain, named after a ribbed silk fabric, recalls Frédéric Boucheron’s father’s trade as a cloth merchant, providing the comfort of a fabric. The mirror setting highlights the House’s exceptional expertise and symbolizes eternity. The crenellated Clou de Paris, a recurring theme in Boucheron’s archives, refers to the cobblestones of Place Vendôme. Finally, the double godron appeared in the Boucheron archives around 1860. This architectural motif, representing two rings fused into one, is an allegory of eternal love.

Four rings and a disco

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Featured Photo: © Boucheron

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