Cartier celebrates 100 years of love and friendship with its Trinity ring

This year, Cartier celebrates the centenary of its Trinity ring. For the occasion, this minimalist, non-gendered, mobile jewelry icon, with its three interlocking rings, reinvents its shape. The jeweler is dedicating a new, inclusive communications campaign to the ring, with a full complement of ambassadors.


Cartier’s Trinity ring celebrates its centenary in 2024.


A veritable semiotic chameleon, oscillating between jewelry piece and sculpture, feminine-masculine but also symbolic and playful, this timeless flagship of the House swaps its “Saturnian curves” for a square. This technical feat demonstrates the ability of the king of jewelers to adapt to the times without denying his roots.


To promote the universality of the bond defended by its ring since its invention in 1924, the Richemont Group brand has called on all its ambassadors, thus affirming the non-gendered nature of its creation and echoing the “impossible choice” found among Generation Z in the definition of its hybrid relationships, notably with its famous “situationship” (undefined relationship, stuck somewhere between friendship and love).

Putting materials to the test

A unisex manifesto that resonates with the assertiveness claimed by the younger generation, the Trinity ring swaps its feminine curves for a square shape for its anniversary… but without losing any of what makes it famous, namely, its “pure lines, the rightness of its proportions and the precision of its shape“.


This technical jewellery challenge was revealed a few weeks after the official announcement of Louis Vuitton’s foray into men’s jewelry with its Les Gastons Vuitton line. However, the essentials, imagined by Louis Cartier in 1924, have been preserved: it’s still a question of “the perfect interweaving of three rings, three in one and one in three“, as Marie-Laure Cérède, Creative Director for the jewelry and watchmaking division since 2021, sums up for Le Figaro.

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Featured Photo: © Cartier

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