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Bogart : clear growth in sales for the first nine months

Bogart : clear growth in sales for the first nine months

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The Bogart Group, which specializes in the creation, manufacture and marketing of perfumes, has announced a 23% increase in its sales for the first nine months of the year.


The independent family-owned company reported strong growth in revenues (+23%) to 198.4 million euros for the first three quarters of 2022, ended September 30. 161.7 million in September 2021, with like-for-like growth of +6%.


At the same time as publishing its performance over the last nine months, it announced the launch of new perfumes under its flagship brands: Carven, Jacques Bogart and Ted Lapidus. They will contribute to the growth of the Bogart Fragrances and Cosmetics division in the next quarter 2022.


Despite these good results, the company remains cautious due to the current context and envisages a continued contraction of activity in its store network. Although it recalls that the fourth quarter is usually higher in terms of revenues and profits for its fragrance division, given the holiday season and new launches on its key brands.

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