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Bentley performs well

Bentley performs well

The luxury car brand on Wednesday reported a strong performance for the first nine months of 2022.


Bentley revealed that its operating profit more than doubled from January to September 2022.


The carmaker also said its global sales rose 3% in volume terms to 11,316 units, while revenue jumped 28% to €2.49bn from €1.95bn a year earlier.


The group’s sales in value terms increased by 18% in Europe in the first nine months of the year and by 17% in the Asia-Pacific region. Sales in the Americas, the largest region in terms of sales, were up 7%.


“As Bentley continues to address the challenges it faces in the global marketplace, this latest set of financial figures shows strong results across most regions,” commented chief executive Adrian Hallmark in a statement.


Global economic uncertainty has not dampened customer interest in the brand’s niche models and customised cars.

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Featured photo : © Bentley

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