Balenciaga sparks controversy with its “Paris” destroyed sneaker collection

Last Monday, May 9, the luxury house Balenciaga unveiled Paris, its new line of sneakers in limited edition. However, the latter has caused strong reactions from Internet users, especially because of their unique “destroy” look.


With a worn, dirty and torn design, these new sneakers did not fail to arouse the displeasure or even the total incomprehension of Internet users, which resulted in an avalanche of criticism towards the French luxury house.


Communication stunt or real luxury product?


Public opinion was outraged to see a world-renowned house, known for its haute-couture lines and products of great quality unveil such shoes. “No comment.” , “If Cristobal Balenciaga was alive and saw this, he would commit suicide” , “The worst sneaker of the year” are some of the strong reactions that we can read on social networks since Balenciaga shared his Paris sneakers.



If nothing suggests at first glance that these shoes come from a luxury brand, it is by paying attention to the price of the latter that we realize their real value: 1850 dollars, or about 1450 euros. The price of the Paris sneakers has once again reinforced the indignation of Internet users.


Nevertheless, Balenciaga defended itself by stating that these charred and slashed cotton canvas shoes paid homage to the sneakers worn for athletics during the 20th century, and reflected “timeless casual wear in black, white or red, with a white rubber sole and toe with aged canvas and rough edges, affecting a worn pre-look”.


Although they did go on sale with only 100 available, the pairs that take the destroy look to the extreme were only intended to promote the launch of the actual Balenciaga Paris sneaker collection. Indeed, this communication stunt thought to the millimeter succeeded in obtaining the expected attention from the Internet users.


At the origin of this idea is the artistic director of the house, the Georgian Demna Gvasalia. Through this communication plan, he wanted to convey the message that the Paris sneakers were “intended to be worn for life”. It is not a surprise to see him play with the wear and tear of luxury products. Indeed, in the past, he has not hesitated to deconceptualize the notion of luxury to denounce, challenge and then introduce the real creations for sale.


Édition Limitée - Sneaker Paris High Top Full Destroyed (large version), picture 2
© Balenciaga


With a much less worn appearance, the “real” Paris sneakers are sold between 395€ and 1450€ depending on the model and will soon be available for sale.





Featured Photo : © Balenciaga


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