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Autonomous car: Mercedes authorized in Uncle Sam

Autonomous car: Mercedes authorized in Uncle Sam

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The German brand becomes the first automaker in the world to achieve Level 3 autonomous driving certification in the United States.


Tesla promised it, Mercedes did it. The star brand has decided to move up a gear, becoming the first in the world to obtain a level 3 certification for its autonomous driving system on American soil, for the moment only in the state of Nevada.


As a reminder, Mercedes’ autonomous driving system, called Drive Pilot, relies on ultrasonic sensors, a radar, a moisture detector placed under the wheel arch, a GPS antenna and several cameras to scan the environment and analyze the driver’s attention level. There is also the presence of a lidar, a multi-radar that also exists on Tesla, offering a range multiplied by three, a better image definition and a wider angle of view.


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To go into detail, its technology has become compliant with the requirements of a law (Act 482A) concerning intelligent vehicles, which Nevada is the first state to adopt. This is a major step forward, making the Drive Pilot the first and only Level 3 system authorized for use on American roads. Of course, its use remains subject to certain conditions. For example, the system cannot be activated above 65 km/h.



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