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Automobile: Lotus, soon to be listed on the stock exchange?

Automobile: Lotus, soon to be listed on the stock exchange?

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After Polestar, the Geely group will very soon list the Lotus division on the New York Stock Exchange. Its valuation is estimated at more than 5 billion dollars.


The market for luxury electric cars has been booming lately. And to surf, or rather ride on this wave, Lotus announced two days ago that it wants to merge with L Catterton Asia acquisition, a company specialized in fundraising and already listed on the stock exchange. If the deal goes through, it will allow the carmaker to join the Nasdaq under the same listing.


We believe this deal will help position Lotus as a leading manufacturer in the electric car space,” announced Feng Qingfeng, Lotus’ CEO in a statement.


Lotus, bought in 2017 51% by Geely Group for $ 65 million, will be valued at $ 5.4 billion (5 billion euros), after this merger with L Catterton Asia Acquisition.


Geely already owns other automotive companies such as Volvo, Polestar, Mercedes and Link&Co.

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