Automobile: Bugatti, ready to unveil its first hybrid hypercar?

Bugatti, the luxury car manufacturer, has just announced that its next car model will be hybrid. Another step towards the future, for the company that had not yet ceded to electrification.


For next year, Bugatti has decided to switch to the turbo, or at least go green. Indeed, it was until then one of the only hypercar manufacturers not to have sided with the green side with electrification. But his conviction is quite different for 2024, since the luxury car manufacturer has just announced its first Chiron hybrid.


Chiron, Divo, the Black Car or Centodieci, all these models of the brand have the same engine, the legendary W16 of the German Volkswagen group. But as innovations are moving at a rapid pace in the automotive industry, 2024 means change for the Franco-Italian firm.


Model The Black Car


A bold green change


Known for its legendary cars, with an unparalleled design and dazzling engine, Bugatti is set to abandon the 100% thermal, with the successor of the legendary Bugatti Chiron. Economic or ecological issue? In any case, this new automobile jewel will represent a major transformation for the brand. It will go from its famous W16 engine to a V8 hybrid configuration. The latter has also come out of its development phase and will soon enter production.


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