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Automobile : Audi Active sphere, the new all-in-one concept car

Automobile : Audi Active sphere, the new all-in-one concept car

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Audi’s new car marks an automotive revolution. Part pickup, part sedan and part sports coupe, this concept car can be transformed into an infinite number of vehicles for a multitude of uses.


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Between a coupe, an SUV, a pick-up and a sedan, this new concept car of the brand with the four rings is like a kind of modern day Transformers. Unfortunately, it can’t turn into a robot but it can do a lot of other things. Imagined by Audi, it was not designed in Ingolstadt, Germany, but in the Californian office of the manufacturer, in Malibu.


This is the fourth concept that the German brand has developed on American soil. The collection began in 2021 with the Skysphere model, then with the Grandsphere sedan, followed by the Urbansphere minivan. Active sphere, which takes the same suffix as its predecessors, becomes the first SUV in the range.

A unique design


The design of this new car? Audi owes it to two Frenchmen, Gaël Buzyn and Charles Lefranc. Two raw talents whose work gave birth to this curious machine, at the crossroads of several types of cars.


The activesphere is unique. It is a new type of crossover that intelligently combines the elegance of an Audi Sportback, the functionality of an SUV and true off-road capabilities,” says the brand in a statement.


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Featured photo : ©Audi

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