2023 Motor Show: Brussels wants to be big!

The Brussels Motor Show, which opened its doors on Saturday, January 14, is celebrating its centenary in the most ambitious way. No less than 50 brands are represented and important new products are revealed, which will delight car lovers after a Parisian edition in 2022 that was considered dull.


After a two-year absence caused by the pandemic, the Brussels Motor Show is looking to celebrate its 100th anniversary in style. Having opened its doors on Saturday, January 14 and open to the public until Sunday, January 22, the usually annual show has deployed all its means to honor the thousands of car fans expected for the occasion. The show is held in the Brussels Expo at the Heysel Palace, a smaller venue than its European cousins. However, the Belgian Federation of the Automobile and Cycle Industry (FEBIAC), responsible for the organization of the show, was keen to reassure its visitors by saying that the exhibitors would be present in large numbers and that they would not come empty-handed. As a result, some 68,000 visitors were registered on the first day.



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Featured photo : ©Brussels Autosalon

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The editorial team
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