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Luxury: What are the 2022 retail trends?

Luxury: What are the 2022 retail trends?

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With the year 2020 marked by the crisis related to Covid-19, luxury houses and particularly retail, have suffered greatly from the pandemic. This period has therefore allowed luxury houses to realize the main priorities in which to invest for the future. Several trends have emerged in 2022.


With the ambition of attracting customers to their retail outlets, the brands have been thinking about the various means to be put in place to achieve this ambition. The years 2021 and especially 2022 have seen several innovations in retail outlets.


Personalizing the customer experience through new technologies


With the year 2020 marked by the Covid-19 crisis, luxury houses have seen their offline channels (physical stores) closed for many months. On the other hand, their online channels have taken over, allowing the houses to stay on course and achieve numerous sales.


Aware of both the flaws that can occur in the “real” sales and the emerging and promising technological innovations, the luxury houses have gradually invested in the latter and change their long-term strategy. Digital tools and redesigned stores have been in the spotlight this year.

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For example, Yves Saint Laurent‘s Beauty Tech Innovation Lab launched “YSL Scent-Sation”, a state-of-the-art in-store experience that leverages neuroscience to provide personalized fragrance advice. Other brands have embraced the trend for innovative in-store experiences to take customers on a journey through history. This is particularly true of the Dior store on Avenue Montaigne, which has just unveiled its 3-in-1 space, entirely redesigned by architect Peter Marino: a unique and spectacular space divided into three parts: a boutique, a gallery/museum and a restaurant.


L'Oréal Groupe : YSL Beauté présente SCENT-SATION, the First In-store Fragrance Finder Based on Neuroscience
The helmet useful to the “YSL Scent-Sation” technology  © L’Oréal



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Featured photo : © Prada

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