Valmont: cutting-edge technology for a new range of cosmetics

After several years of research and development, Valmont unveils a new anti-aging range. The Swiss cosmetics brand has notably based it on Drone Peptide Technology.


For over 40 years, anti-aging has been the spearhead of Valmont. The Swiss cosmetics brand constantly pushes the boundaries of science to develop innovative technologies. Thanks to its expertise in cellular function, Valmont laboratories create increasingly effective product lines.


As of September 2024, the brand will reveal its new cosmetic gem: V-LIFT. After 5 years of research and development, this fourth generation of anti-wrinkle care finally sees the light of day. Described as “an iron-clad lift in a silk glove,” this ritual targets wrinkles at their source through an encapsulation and vectorization system.



Technological and Cosmetic Advances


One of the great challenges of cosmetology is to deliver active ingredients where they are needed. The latest advances in this field have led to an innovative new solution: DPT – Drone Peptide Technology. Inspired by the way drones navigate their environment, this technology enables precise targeting of specific skin cells. Peptide drones can thus ensure the precise delivery of the chosen ingredient.


Based on this revolutionary scientific advance, Valmont has developed the exclusive C-Drone technology, a Vitamin C drone coated with Matrixyl. Matrixyl, a true ally in the fight against aging, is an ingredient that stimulates collagen synthesis, essential for maintaining skin firmness. Combined with the benefits of Vitamin C, it enables enhanced skin care effectiveness.


The V-LIFT Ritual


It is around this innovative process that the V-LIFT range has been built. Declined into four products – a serum, a face cream, an eye contour, and a care specifically dedicated to the neck and décolleté area – the range is presented as a true skin lift and an alternative to aesthetic medicine or retinol. Daily use promises a gradual reduction of wrinkles for smoother skin day after day.


And for those who wish to take the spa route for a relaxing break, Valmont continues to share its expertise at the Parisian hotel Le Meurice. With the Lifting des Sommets treatment, the effectiveness of the V-LIFT range is applied during a special moment. After a skin cleansing, the specific Lifting des Sommets massage focuses on the fascia, fibro-elastic membranes that envelop the muscles. The gestures are performed with precision thanks to the V-LIFT BOOST concentrate formula reserved for professional use. A true augmented care experience by Valmont!




Featured Image: © Valmont

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