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Valmont and Perfect Corp join forces for a new interactive experience

Valmont and Perfect Corp join forces for a new interactive experience

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Perfect Corp, the No. 1 provider of beauty tech solutions, and Swiss beauty company Valmont are collaborating to launch a new interactive skin analysis experience powered by artificial intelligence.


Perfect Corp announced yesterday the launch of a new experience designed to revolutionize the shopping experience for Valmont customers. Consumers can now use a new online shopping experience that is both personalized and interactive.

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In a tweet, Taiwan-based Perfect Corp said it was thrilled to partner with Valmont “to provide a complete skincare shopping experience with dermatologist-verified analysis and highly personalized product recommendation.”


Perfect Corp’s award-winning AI solution, combined with Valmont’s expertise will enable consumers in more than 50 countries to get tailored advice on caring for their skin in just seconds. This technological breakthrough uses the latest learning innovations to deliver visitors an accurate skin score based on five indicators: firmness, wrinkles, radiance, fatigue and hydration.



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