Valentino organizes a partnership with Air France and KLM

Italian luxury brand Valentino has teamed up with Air France and KLM to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel.


Valentino is joining Air France and KLM’s SAF Corporate (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) programme, which encourages companies to become involved in sustainable air travel. This new partnership reflects the luxury brand’s desire to go further in its efforts to protect the environment and implement its responsible business model. By joining forces with Air France and KLM, the brand is tackling a major ecological problem for the fashion world. Indeed, outside of pandemic times, fashion is driven by the calendar of Fashion Weeks taking place around the world.


© Valentino x Air France x KLM


This is why Valentino has chosen to join forces with Air France and KLM to implement concrete actions to protect the planet, via the air. Thanks to the SAF programme, Air France and KLM corporate customers, like Valentino, can estimate the CO2 emissions linked to their travels and then determine the annual contribution they wish to make to the programme.  “We are pleased to partner with Air France and KLM on the SAF programme, whose green transition goals we fully share and support. As a brand, we are proud to add our voice to promote positive change. We are convinced that supporting the research and development of alternative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions is fundamental to continue supporting sustainable fuel production,” explains Jacopo Venturini, CEO of Valentino.


More concretely, Air France and KLM invest all contributions received in the supply and use of sustainable fuel. By investing in this programme, the partner companies help reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the green transition of air transport while supporting innovative solutions.


The production of renewable aviation fuels is essential to achieving the CO2 reduction targets for our industry. Companies like Maison Valentino, who fully understand our commitment and share our philosophy, make the road ahead more accessible. With this agreement, we will be able to stimulate a faster availability of fuel for sustainable aviation on a large scale, with a more competitive price compared to fossil fuels,” adds Stefan Vanovermeir, CEO of Air France and KLM East Mediterranean.


Ultimately, the two airlines aim to reduce their total passenger/km CO2 emissions by 50% compared to 2005. They are also committed to working with their partners and public authorities to achieve the climate target of zero CO2 emissions by 2050.





Featured photo : © Valentino


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