Vacheron Constantin and Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Dubai unveil a fifth Christmas tree

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira has unveiled its fifth Christmas tree. This time, the Dubai-based luxury hotel has teamed up with Vacheron Constantin to deliver a result that is both elegant and exceptional.


Spectacular, artisanal and refined, the fifth Christmas tree to be presented by Dubai hotel Mandarin Oriental Jumeira was created in partnership with Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin. The tree’s understated luxury is in line with the respective identities of the two brands.


The collaboration came about as the Swiss watchmaker last month reintroduced its Suite 1755 – a nod to the founding year of its manufacture – to the 256-room, 6-storey Mandarin Oriental hotel by the shore.


A festive moment


This partnership is also in line with Vacheron Constantin’s “less’ential” (contraction of essential and minimalist) philosophy. This seven-metre-high Christmas tree, a symbol of joie de vivre, embodies these values with its slender silhouette, clean lines and decorative virtuosity.


The bespoke 2023 tree is resplendent in gold, intricately woven with threads reminiscent of the emblematic lines of the Maison’s legendary timepieces. Drawing inspiration from both brands, the tree incorporates elements of the Mandarin Oriental fan and Vacheron Constantin’s Maltese cross, creating a unique and visually stunning work of art in the outdoor area of the luxury resort.

For Werner Anzinger, General Manager of Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, “the tree, designed with Vacheron Constantin, is a celebration of the subtle details that define both brands – a fusion of precision and luxury that resonates with the holiday spirit”.


In addition to this joint work, the hotel offers an exclusive afternoon tea experience, inspired by Vacheron Constantin, in the light-filled lobby at Noor Lounge, one of six dining spaces offered by the establishment.

Priced at 450 UAE dirham (around $122) for two people, this experience offers a delectable selection of festive delights and sweet treats.


A tradition rooted in the Dubai landscape

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Featured Photo: © Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

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