Universum 2024 ranking: a shift in the preferences of young executives

The Universum 2024 ranking reveals young executives’ preferences for the most attractive companies and sectors. The survey, carried out among 11,336 executives between September 2023 and April 2024, shows a decline in technology giants in favor of the banking, energy and luxury sectors.


Universum recently published its company rankings for 2024. Each year, the ranking probes the preferences of young executives, revealing key trends in sectors of attraction and the companies favored by these professionals.


Between September 2023 and April 2024, 11,336 executives were surveyed, including 4,897 business school graduates and 6,399 engineering school graduates. More than half of these participants had at least four years’ experience. Universum’s questionnaire enabled them to name the companies they know, those they would consider working for, and those to which they intend to apply.


The decline of the technology giants, the GAFAMs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), which began in 2023, is confirmed in 2024. Google, already ousted from the podium the previous year, continues to fall out of the top 10. Apple has dropped out of the top 10 for business profiles (11th) and engineers (24th). Microsoft (23rd among business people, 27th among engineers) and Amazon (9th and 43rd respectively) also follow this downward trend.


On the other hand, the banking and energy sectors show notable progress. BNP Paribas climbs 7 places (15th), Crédit Agricole 12 places (16th), and Banque de France 13 places (20th). The energy industry, perceived as innovative and meaningful, sees EDF and Engie climb 11 and 14 places respectively.


“It’s seen as innovative, meaningful, collaborative and committed. And that goes for engineers and business managers alike”, says Aurélie Robertet, Universum’s Director for France.


Luxury goods, aerospace and defense in the lead, consulting in decline


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