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Universum 2022 Ranking: luxury is the most attractive employer in France

Universum 2022 Ranking: luxury is the most attractive employer in France

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Young executives aspire to new salary expectations, job security and a balanced life. This is what emerges from the new Universum study on the companies that attract the most young executives.


Universum is a group that publishes an annual ranking of the most “attractive” companies for students and professionals. When luxury appears at the top of the ranking for its attractive salaries and for the image it enjoys, other sectors such as the food industry have more difficulty recruiting.


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Luxury at the top


Compared to 2021, in terms of progression, luxury brands and aeronautics are the big winners of this ranking” comments Aurélie Robertet, Director of Universum France-Benelux. With 20% more executives recruited than in 2021, the end of the crisis has been favorable to the major luxury groups, which are particularly popular with business school graduates. LVMH, Hermès and L’Oréal unsurprisingly occupy the top 5 of the ranking, composed of 100 companies, alongside Google and Decathlon. The auditing and consulting sectors are also doing very well.



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