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Kering signs an integration charter

Kering signs an integration charter

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In mid-March, the luxury group (Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent, Bottega Veneta, etc.) had already announced that it was joining the thirty or so companies that had signed a charter in favour of recruiting people over 50. This time, it is turning its attention to other categories of people who find it harder to enter the job market. On 19 April, it signed a partnership charter with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration, in which it undertakes to support “young people, vulnerable people or people with disabilities” in the labour market.


This agreement is based on three levers.


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Via the first – 1 young person, 1 solution – Kering undertakes to recruit young people on permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, work-study contracts or to offer them internships. Young people from priority urban areas and young people with disabilities are particularly targeted.



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