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Tod’s sales increase

Tod’s sales increase

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Sales of the Italian group Tod’s increased by 17% in the first half of the year, despite a wave due to Covid-19 in China in the second quarter.


Tod’s is doing better than before the covid.


Diego Della Valle, the founder and principal shareholder of the Tod’s accessories and apparel group (eponymous brands, Fay, Hogan and Roger Vivier) announced in a statement that “profits have returned to values above those of 2019.”


Its operating income was $17.7 million compared to a loss of $2.7 million last year.


Its revenue itself grew by 17.4% to $464.7 million (467.5 million euros) in the last six months, partly thanks to Europe and the Americas. China, on the other hand, saw a 19% loss in revenue, due to the health restrictions in place.

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