[Luxus+ Magazine] Tina Turner and the South of France: a great love story

Tina Turner, the singer whose voice “raised the dead”, passed away on Wednesday after a long illness. She leaves behind an indelible memory of her talent. Between tributes, awards and travels, there was one place she was particularly fond of: the South of France.


Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Nice or Beaulieu, the queen of rock and soul knew the south like the back of her hand. A member of the jet set, she also wanted to live far from the cameras and the limelight. Accustomed to nightclubs, the red carpets of major ceremonies and the large southern stadiums that hosted her concerts, she preferred above all her home in Villefranche-sur-mer, far from the glare of the public eye and her fast-paced life, which she loved as much as she shunned.


Although the name Diva followed her throughout her career, a glimpse of her life in Europe offers a totally different perspective and a fresh look at this revolutionary artist. What she loved above all were the simple things in life: her husband, a meal with friends, a bit of reading and a bit of sunshine. All in all, the extraordinary quickly becomes ordinary when you want it to be.


A love of the Mediterranean


She owes her love of the South of France to her manager, who in the 90s introduced her to this warm little corner of paradise, where sunshine and pine thorns meet. For the first time, she rented a little pink house at the top of a mountain. Since then, France has never left her, and neither has she.



Decoration is the first response to loss and upheaval“, and it was with the embellishment of her properties that Tina Turner cleared her head.


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