Tiffany launches a clock in tribute to New York cabs

Tiffany has just launched a clock in the shape of a New York cab. Using the symbol on wheels of the Big Apple, the iconic American jeweller conjures up the optimism of the 1950s, reinterpreting the famous yellow cab as the “Tiffany Cab”.


On December 11, Tiffany unveiled a $50,000 clock inspired by the cabs that plied the streets of New York in the 1950s. The city was the cradle of Tiffany’s odyssey, which began in 1837.


A true decorative object, the Tiffany cab is no less functional…but also playful. A number of elements from the automotive world can be used to set the clock inside the gleaming car.


Available worldwide from this month, the model is accompanied by an edition sold exclusively at Landmark, the American jeweler’s historic New York flagship store reopened after renovation last spring. Sold for $52,000, the latter features a blue and gold license plate bearing the inscription NY-727″, in homage to the emblematic 727 Fifth Avenue address.


A tribute to the golden age of the automobile


Handcrafted in aluminum, the Tiffany Cab is painted in the jeweler’s signature blue, with a license plate and a chrome strip featuring the brand’s name.


While many details on the car recall the identity of the 5th Avenue jeweler, everything about the Tiffany Cab celebrates American popular culture.


A true nod to the golden age of the automobile, it is also the symbol of an American society confident in technological progress and aware that it could drastically improve its living standards in the wake of the Second World War.


It was a time of youth culture, when the car was both a means of linking the East and West coasts more quickly, thanks to a vast highway network, and a formidable means of socializing and hooking up.


It was the blessed time of the beginnings of rockabilly, of diners where you could stop for milkshakes and fast food, of drive-in movie theaters, of teddy bears and bobby soxers.


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Featured Photo: © Tiffany


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