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The watchmaker Zenith forecasts strong growth in 2022

The watchmaker Zenith forecasts strong growth in 2022

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Swiss watchmaker Zenith anticipates strong growth for 2022, which promises to be a record year.


The demand for luxury products is increasing every day, after the health crisis.  The watchmaking industry was hit hard by the pandemic, but it was able to recover. And for Zenith, the figures speak for themselves.


The watchmaking company expects to close the year 2022 with strong growth: “2022 will be another record year. We will record a 30 to 40% growth in our turnover. Our profitability is also very healthy,Julien Tornare, the director of the LVMH group subsidiary, told AWP.


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After encountering some problems, the watchmaker has been able to rebound, like many of its competitors, thanks in particular to “revenge shopping” carried out around the world since the end of the health crisis. It is also attracting a new, younger clientele. In general, consumers are making a comeback in the luxury market, and are not hesitating to spend, whether on the Internet or in stores.


Despite the positive trend and the covid chapter that seems to be closed, some shadows are hanging over the picture, notably inflation, weighing in particular on energy prices and the fall of the stock market.  The U.S. market is feeling the pinch: “In the U.S., we have seen some deceleration in our growth in the second half of the year. We hope that this situation is only temporary,” said Mr. Tornare.


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