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Re-Luxury: Watchbox honors FP Journe and De Bethune

Re-Luxury: Watchbox honors FP Journe and De Bethune

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Luxury pre-owned watch platform Watchbox is betting on the rise of independent brands by launching a traveling exhibition celebrating watch brands Fp Journe and De Bethune.


Entitled Two decades of complexity & Beauty- The pivotal collection by FP Journe and De Bethune, this touring exhibition will travel around the world.


After Zurich, the presentation tour continues and will be on display at the Hotel Président Wilson in Geneva from today until November 7. This will be the first edition of RE-Luxury, dedicated to the re-commerce of luxury and collectible objects as well as to initiatives in the field of the circular economy.

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It will then stop in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Dubai and some cities in the United States. For the moment, no official dates have been set.


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