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The luxury industry makes its revolution

The luxury industry makes its revolution

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It’s not yet -far from it- a tidal wave. But intelligent production Made in France, driven by new profiles and disruptive approaches, is making inroads into the luxury sector. The profile of the speakers at the roundtable discussion -the metamorphosis of production- organized on May 12, during the Luxury Summit in Paris, bears witness to this.


All of them engineers or highly qualified -Yann Buaillon, the deputy CEO of Percipio Robotics, Cyrile Deranlot, the President of Daumet, Tony Pinville, the President of Heuritech or Julien Tuffery, head of the Tuffery workshop- bring new solutions in the way of manufacturing.

Cyrile Deranlot, a specialist in materials physics at the CNRS, is a modern-day alchemist. He has developed the purest, and therefore whitest, gold in the world.


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Featured photo : © Centre Du Luxe

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