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The French Leather Industry unveils its CSR White Paper 2022

The French Leather Industry unveils its CSR White Paper 2022

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The French Leather Industry presented its “White Paper CSR 2022” during a conference on June 21st. During this conference, the industry also expressed its main objectives.


Recognized throughout the world for the quality of its products and its many skills, the French Leather Industry today represents 133 professions, more than 12,800 companies and employs 133,000 people. So many people who have been working for several decades to meet societal and environmental challenges, even though the industry is frequently singled out and prejudiced.


The sector is driven by the ambition of a more sustainable development, and it reiterates this ambition by demonstrating an ever more intense investment in a CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility). With this in mind, the industry has unveiled the 2022 edition of its White Paper: “CSR, a committed and innovative French leather industry”.


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