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The Bogart group announces strong growth in EBITDA for 2019

The Bogart group announces strong growth in EBITDA for 2019

At the end of this 2019 financial year, the Bogart Group’s turnover amounted to 303.3 million euros, i.e. 1.8 times the published 2018 turnover, thanks in particular to an excellent 4th quarter of 2019 (+ 20.7% in this quarter alone).


The current operating expenses of the Bogart Group, which specializes in the creation, manufacture and marketing of perfumes and luxury cosmetic products, remained under control, in this context of size change. Personnel costs stood at nearly € 67 million as of December 31, 2019 compared to € 36.2 million as of December 31, 2018 published, as a result of the integration of Distriplus, specialist in commercial outsourcing in B to B (the average workforce thus went from 1,277 at December 31, 2018 to 1,981 at December 31, 2019).


The Group’s EBITDA, owner of the brands Jacques Bogart, Carven, Ted Lapidus in perfumes, but also Stendhal and Method Jeanne Piaubert in cosmetics, amounted to 43.5 million euros as of December 31, 2019, up sharply.


The group notably achieved a very good 4th quarter, with consolidated turnover of 95.2 million euros compared to 78.9 million euros in the 4th quarter of 2018, up sharply by + 20.7%. At constant scope and exchange rates, turnover for the 4th quarter was stable, at 78.3 million euros compared to 78.4 million in 4th quarter 2018.


And for good reason, end-of-year sales were dynamic, notably on the Carven line (5 new exclusive fragrances launched in November) and Jacques Bogart (Silver Scent and Santa Bay fragrance) which reaffirms its first place in the Group.


In terms of cosmetics, the Group continued to take advantage of the growth in sales of the Method Jeanne Piaubert brand and the launch at the end of the year of the first olfactory creations of the APRIL brand.


Dimension change successful


The Group also plans to invest in two brands as a priority in 2020: the Jacques Bogart brand for the Silver Scent perfume (promotional campaign) and the STENDHAL brand, whose line will be completely redesigned to boost sales (natural formulas, new active line, packaging). A full line of premium make-up and skincare will be launched in 2020.


Also note that the feminine fragrance Dans Ma Bull by Carven – the rising nugget of the Group – has found its customers in France, Europe and Asia. This good performance should continue in 2020 with investments in the Carven pour Homme fragrance and the “Travel” collection.


Finally, given the good momentum of the APRIL brand, the company plans to double the number of brand references to reach almost 500 references in 2020.


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In addition, the Group recently signed a protocol for the acquisition of 8 perfumeries from the Gottman network in Germany. This operation, which was approved in January 2020, enables it to account for 95 perfumeries in Germany, i.e. a network of 390 stores in its 5 countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Israel).


In a press release published last January, the Bogart Group said that “this acquisition will increase the turnover of HC Parfümeries by around 10%”. It remains to know the impact of the pandemic crisis on its turnover for the year 2020.






Featured Photo : © Bogart group

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