The Altagamma Foundation creates its Tokyo Club

At a time when luxury goods are once again booming in Japan, the Altagamma Foundation, which brings together high-end Italian brands, has just inaugurated its Tokyo Club. It is the fifth Club in a network dedicated to promoting Italian luxury in the sector’s leading destinations.


Marco Polo paved the way… Since then, Italians have often had a head start in exports, particularly in the luxury goods sector. And they know how to leverage their diplomatic network to stimulate business.


Altagamma’s latest initiative illustrates this once again. The Foundation, which brings together 115 ultra-high-end Italian brands, has just announced the creation of the Altagamma Tokyo Club. To inaugurate it, its members met for the first time at the residence of the Italian ambassador to Tokyo, Gianluigi Benedetti.


After Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 2018, Shanghai (China) in 2019, New York (USA) in 2022 and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in March 2023, this is the fifth Club initiated by the Altagamma Foundation.


A priority for Altagamma


Considered a top priority by Altagamma president Matteo Lunelli, the network aims to support the internationalization of Italian luxury companies, which already generate over 50% of their sales from exports. This is achieved by intensifying relationships and projects in the most promising countries for the luxury goods industry. They often benefit from the support of diplomatic institutions.

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