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The 2023 List of the world’s best restaurants unveiled

The 2023 List of the world’s best restaurants unveiled

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Each year, the ranking of the world’s best establishments is established thanks to an algorithm that takes into account the scores of the gastronomic guides, the opinions of the press and the satisfaction of customers around the world. The 2023 podium is dominated by Paris, New York and Stockholm.


For the first time, a trio of restaurants share first place in the Top 1000 La liste 2023. They win the very prestigious distinction of Best Restaurant in the World.

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In Paris, Guy Savoy retains its title for the sixth time. Éric Ripert’s restaurant, Bernardin, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in New York, is also first. And a Nordic wave reaches the top of the podium this year thanks to the three-starred Frantzén restaurant, run by chef Björn Frantzén.


The ranking then also shows a number of restaurants in a tie. In second place are two French restaurants, including Arnaud Lallement’s Assiette Champenoise and Arnaud Donckele’s Vague d’or, whose recent Parisian restaurant Plénitude is also in third place. The latter has thus gained 45 places compared to last year. Note that Les Près d’Eugénie, under the leadership of Michel Guérard, has risen to 5th place this year instead of 6th last year.


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