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Sustainable Leather Forum welcomes exhibitors

Sustainable Leather Forum welcomes exhibitors

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Organized by the National Leather Council (CNC), the next edition of the SLF will take place in a few days in the heart of the capital, at the Palais Brongniart. This year, a particularity comes to carry this forum. Exhibitors will be present, in addition to the round tables and speakers that normally animate the event.

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Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, the Sustainable Leather Forum (SLF) is innovating for its fourth edition, on September 12.  In addition to the 27 speakers and experts in the leather industry in round tables and keynotes, fifteen exhibitors will be present. Among them, the French Federation of Tannery and Hides, the Federation of Circular Fashion, Gruppo Mastrotto, a global leather supplier for fashion brands, and the Leather Working Group, an international organisation that aims to promote responsible practices in the leather supply chain.


The new edition will kick off with a keynote speech by political and economic figures from the leather sector. Frank Boehly, President of the CNC, and associations such as Paris Good Fashion and La Dame à la Licorne, chaired by Sylvie Bénard, will be present.



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