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Sustainable beauty: L’Oréal invests in a biotechnology company

Sustainable beauty: L’Oréal invests in a biotechnology company

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L’Oréal, the world’s leading beauty company, has announced its investment in a company led by the biotech company Geno, which aims to create sustainable alternatives for beauty products.


L’Oréal is joining a company led by the biotech company Geno. It becomes one of its founding members, alongside Unilever and Japanese cosmetics company Kao. This new investment contributes to the “development of Green Science for the creation of highly innovative alternative ingredients“, explains the group in a release.


The financial commitment, made by BOLD, l’Oréal’s venture capital fund, will contribute to the creation of new sustainable ingredients derived from living organisms.

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This beauty partnership will enable L’Oréal, thanks to Geno’s biotechnological expertise, to replace traditional ingredients with more sustainable, bio-based alternatives, some of which are made, for example, from plant-based sugars. This is a new step for the French company that will enable it to reach its 2030 goal of acquiring 100% eco-designed products and 95% of the ingredients in its formulas being bio-based. This is in response to customer demand, which is increasingly concerned about the environment and traceability.


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Featured photo : © L’Oréal

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