Virtual luxury shopping: Mytheresa launches its app for Apple’s Vision Pro headset

The release of the Apple Vision Pro on February 2nd, the mixed reality headset from the tech giant, coincided with the launch of Mytheresa’s immersive shopping application. Specializing in online luxury retail, the company seized the opportunity to reinvent e-shopping and reach its target clientele, thus establishing itself as a major player in the upcoming digital transition.


Specializing in luxury fashion e-commerce, Mytheresa launches one of the first sector applications for the Apple Vision Pro headset. The spatial computer is the new jewel of the Silicon Valley star firm. As AI captures headlines, Apple continues its own path by launching its first mixed reality headset on February 2nd, blending augmented reality and virtual reality. The former integrates overlays into the real world and the latter immerses users in a completely virtual universe.


600 native applications are already available with a dedicated operating system, visionOS, featuring streaming services such as Disney+, Imax, NBA, games like Super Fruit Ninja, Lego Builder’s Journey, or Cut the Rope 3, as well as office applications like Notion, the Microsoft suite, Zoom, and even Slack. Retail companies like Mytheresa take advantage of this to offer immersive shopping experiences, bridging the gap between the in-store and online experience.


An Innovative Experience


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Featured photo : ©Mytheresa

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