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Set sail with Four Seasons Luxury Cruises

Set sail with Four Seasons Luxury Cruises

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The chain of luxury hotels, spread around the world, is embarking on a new adventure with Four Seasons Yachts. Real luxury cruises in idyllic settings and unusual places.


Four Seasons Yatchescaters to discerning guests who want to reimagine their love of travel by experiencing the splendor of modern ocean travel.


This new marine and luxury concept is expected to be available to the public from the end of 2025. The yachts, which will be used to make this unique program operational, are currently under construction in Italy, in the city of Trieste.


Luxury surfing the waves


To this end, Four Seasons Yachts has chosen to surround itself with the best. The Fincantieri shipbuilding group will contribute its engineering and know-how to build its vessels.


Industry expert Larry Pimentel and luxury entrepreneurs Nadim Ashi and Philip Levine are also leading the project.

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