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Russia: ex-Sephora stores reborn as “Beauty Island”

Russia: ex-Sephora stores reborn as “Beauty Island”

On Monday, some of the Sephora stores reopened in Russia, under the name Beauty Island.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the distribution of consumer goods in Russia has undergone a real upheaval. In response to the war, many retailers have decided to give up or sell their activities in Russia to local players.


Last July, Sephora sold 100% of the shares of its Russian subsidiary to its former general manager in the country, so that he could operate it under the name of Beauty Island. At that time Sephora had 88 stores and employed 1,200 people in the country.


Beauty Island, meanwhile, is a Russian chain that was acquired in 2016 by Sephora. It was one of the most important players in the sector in Russia. This acquisition manifested the ambitions of the Lvmh group to expand in the East.



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